9 Secrets Of Stylish Women Who Always Look Put Together

Look and be more confident with these easy style hacks!

Have a two-minute hairdo


Why not go for a hair style that requires five minutes or less to do? This will make you look carefree and fresh. Also, they generally last longer and look best on textured slept-in hair, so add some dry shampoo and you’ll be good to go! If, however, you’ve got time to spare, go ahead and do curls, braids, or the latest trend you saw on Pinterest. Of course, there will be lazy days… all you have to do is pull your hair up into a ponytail at the nape of your neck or a polished topknot. If you feel like having a haircut, do not underestimate the power of a simple medium length layered hair, or if that doesn’t fit you, tell your stylist about any concerns you might have and listen to what he/she has to say.

Buy clothes that hold up


Who says you always need to do ironing to make your clothes look polished? There are many brands that offer non-iron dress, shirts, and T-shirts that will look good even if they have been stacked up at the bottom of your closet (or in a suitcase during a trip) for a long time. As we all know, cashmere, wool, polyester, and lyocell are more wrinkle resistant than fabrics like cotton, rayon, and silk, so if you’re always running out of time prepping up for a day/night out, start investing in some well-made clothing that may easily cut off your hassle.

Pay attention to your nails


The simplest details matter! Well-maintained fingernails show that you are conscious and hygienic. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the salon every week. Just make sure you have a bottle of cuticle oil and clear shellac. This will make your hands look classy with pinkish nails, plus it only takes about five minutes to apply and it surely goes a long way. You can also make your polish last longer (for about 20 days) with a gel manicure.

Develop a quick makeup routine


There are many quick makeup routines you can follow that will lessen your prep time in just 15 minutes and you’re ready to go. Makeup artist Sonia Kashuk told InStyle that she recommends finding a go-to eye and lip combo in a pretty and modern color that’s not overly trendy. Kashuk’s makeup is a smoky brown eye and sheer rose lip and she pairs it off with a tailored blouse and slim plants. For you to find what shade fits your tone perfectly, hit your local makeup store!

Take care of your things


If you don’t want your things looking rundown, spend a little more time checking the details of your bags/expensive blazers and taking care of them. How high the price is does not matter if it’s rotting unmaintained in your closet. For assurance, follow your clothing care instructions to know how they should be stored (silk, for example, might become wrinkled when folded, and sweaters can stretch out on hangers.)

Collect the classics


Get your own capsule wardrobe: a closet with a collection of classic wears that are easy to mix and match. A belted trench, black leather jacket, raw denim, or a navy, camel, or black pea coat are outerwear you can start to collect and rest assured they can add polish to any outfit. A white button-down, dark jeans, navy and black blazers, shift dresses, and the like are some simple every day get basics you can rely on. If you don’t want to have to make a list of cloth matching, you can just make sure you know your closet like the back of your hand so it’ll be easier for you to try at least three no-fail outfits that always look good.

Have a piece that makes you feel expensive


It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought the item for only $30. Remember that the monetary price is not always the deal. It should be how it makes you feel. For example, if you’re going out for a business meeting, why not wear a leather watch? If you’re going to a cocktail party, put on those pearl earrings you’ve always been proud of! Whatever your choice may be, make sure it helps to boost your confidence. These little things will help you feel like a million bucks and will change the rest of your demeanor throughout the rest of the day.

Develop a skin-care routine


Having great skin is one way to always look put together! Make up a good skin care routine to keep it looking fresh and smooth. Removing makeup before going to bed and having a balanced diet are two necessities you are not foreign with, but there is always room for improvement! Add an eye cream (preferably one with peptides and antioxidants on its ingredient list) to your routine. Rinse your face after using wipes and cleanse after a day out. Also do not forget to moisturize daily.

Practice good Posture


It is one thing to take note of styles you have your eyes on, especially whenever you see someone passing by whose get up is on point. Taking note of how they walk is another thing. To carry a great outfit to look put together, you Must be put together. Be confident in your body and make an effort consciously working on your posture everyday.

When standing, keep your head directly over your shoulders. Chest out and stomach in to square your hips and shoulders by engaging your core and pulling your shoulders down your back (focus more on your stomach muscles if you tend to have a swayback, and more on your back muscles if you tend to hunch over). Whenever sitting, make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are even with your hips. Back straight and shoulders down.

There you have it! Follow these regularly and you’ll look put together everyday you won’t even have to mind about what others would think when they look at you. Share this post with your friends!

Source: Reader’s Digest